Richmond Hill Police Warn Drivers on Highway 144

Richmond Hill Police Department

The Richmond Hill Police Department is sending out reminders to drivers in the area to please slow down and pay more attention to road signs and other drivers due to an increase in traffic collisions along Highway 144 in Richmond Hill.

As construction and lane shifts increase, police are taking every measure possible to reduce wrecks. According to a post on the official Richmond Hill Police Department Facebook page, they say “a preliminary check of our records indicate that between January 1, 2018 and May 1, 2018 we had 48 traffic collisions along Highway 144. For the same dates in 2019 we have had 63 collisions.”

The bulk of these incidents have happened inside of the 144 widening project taking place between Timber Trail and Belfast River. RHPD is urging drivers to be especially careful in these areas.

This extra warning to stay off of cellular devices, minimize distractions, practice safe following practices, and be extra alert while driving comes in addition to the speed limit decrease from 55 to 45 MPH that has already taken place.


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