Richmond Hill Engineering Report for July 2019

EOM Engineering Report

The following is per the monthly report submitted to the City of Richmond Hill by EOM Operations, the city’s public works and facilities operations manager. Some changes were made but the context of the report is still the same:

The following is a list of projects and site plan review work performed by the engineering staff at EOM Operations during July 2019 for the City of Richmond Hill, GA.

Project Work

Riceboro Southern Railroad culverts – City and EOM staff had a conference call with Riceboro Southern representatives to discuss the culvert. Riceboro Southern was going to inspect the culvert in question.

Mr. Carlton Gill requested for a review of the Sterling Creek Basin – EOM, City, and Fort Stewart Staff met at the site. Fort Stewart personnel found some areas that needed to be cleared of fallen trees. EOM is still waiting for additional data from the Army.

30 Egret Circle stormwater line structural issues – The repair work is complete.

61 Quail Lane stormwater line structural issues – The repair work is complete.

Design of a roadway intersection at HWY-144 and a proposed access road to the future library – This in-house design done by EOM is under construction.

The Ponderosa road study – It will be started in April. EOM is still waiting on the GIS information.

Main Street Subdivision entrance drainage improvements – It will require a very comprehensive study and very complex design. All the preliminary findings were presented to City staff in November. EOM staff submitted a report and a project preliminary cost estimate to the City. The design of this project will be involved.

HWY-144 median improvements – This project prepared by EOM was completed by the City.

HWY-144 road widening – The DOT’s contractor, City staff, the design team, and EOM staff have been working together resolving some constructability issues.

Update of the City Ordinances – The revision by EOM staff of the draft of the FOG ordinances has been completed, and its findings were presented to City staff in early January, 2019.

Sidewalk extension – Hwy-17 sidewalk PDF was sent to the City for their review. The scope of this project was revised. The Piercefield Forest walking lane information was sent to the City. The City is exploring several options on how to proceed with this project.

Drainage issues at 8932 Ford Avenue – EOM staff met the property owner and explained the drainage issue. Ditch was cleaned by EOM Operations staff.

Summer Hill/Richmond Hill Elementary School drainage issue – City and EOM staff inspected the site and are evaluating several alternate solutions.

City welcome sign at HWY-17 – An exhibit was prepared for the City which showed the location of the proposed City welcome sign at Hwy-17. The sign was constructed.

Cleanout details – EOM prepared two new standard construction details for sanitary sewer cleanout for the City.

Main Street lift station – The work to repair the odor control unit is underway.

Summer Hill drainage issues – All existing material was collected and reviewed.

Traffic Control, Table Top This design needed to be modified to include a walking lane. The modified design was completed and submitted to the City.

JF Gregory City Park – City and EOM staff met at the park on June 20th to go over several issues related to the park. EOM recommendations were to survey the entire park and create a development master plan of the park. In this way, the City will be able to create a list of projects which will prioritize them in accordance to this master plan. EOM is waiting on the City’s instruction on how to proceed with this project.

Dee Henderson Rd. sidewalk design – In late July, EOM and City staff met at the site and reviewed the different routes for the extension of the sidewalk.

First Street extension design – In late July, EOM and City staff met at the site and went over the scope of this project. The City approved the survey work needed for this project. As soon as the survey work is completed, EOM will start the design work of this street extension.

Richmond Heights Subdivision culvert – In late July, the City requested the report on the estimated repairs of this project. Since this report was done in May, 2019, EOM is revising the cost estimate.

Site Plan Review

EOM staff has reviewed the following site plans for conformance with Federal, State, and Local laws, rules and regulations, including the City’s Unified Development Ordinances and Engineering Design Standards.

Burger King – The second review was performed, and EOM staff has a couple of conference calls with the design engineer. A third in-depth review was done in October and after that review, the owners, designer, and EOM, and City staff met on October 31st. A new consultant submitted a new hydro study, and it was reviewed and sent back with additional comments. The designer engineer completed additional revisions and the project was approved.

The Commons POD 3 – The consultant, EMC, requested some modifications to the sanitary sewer light station located in POD 3. EOM staff has reviewed and submitted their modifications in early January. It was approved.

Elite Car Wash – This project was conditionally approved in January.

South Bryan Elementary School – The first limited review was completed and submitted. EOM staff had a couple of conference calls with the design engineer and went over some of the major issues. This review is limited to the storm collection system and water quality issues, and to compliance with Federal ADA regulations and the State CSS regulation. A fourth submittal was reviewed. The design engineer completed additional revisions and the project was approved.

Richmond Hill N-POD Phase II – The second set of plans was submitted on September 26th and it was reviewed in early October.

O-Pod Phase 2 – Initial information was submitted in November and reviewed in early December. Additional comments need to be addressed by the consultant.

Sterling Links Way and Harris Trail Road – This is a limited review of a modified design of this roadway that was previously approved for construction. EOM staff reviewed and approved this project in February.

Commercial Site at 145 Thunder Dr. – Review was completed and approved in early July.

Commercial Sites at Lots 8A and 8B of Ford Park of Commerce – This project was submitted on July 28th, 2019. We are currently waiting on a response from the second review.

The review of these projects also included meetings and conference calls with the design consultants, City staff, and the owners (or their representatives) of these projects.

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