Meet the Candidates: Chakiris “Chuck” Moss


My name is Chakiris “Chuck” Moss and I have lived in Richmond Hill since 2002 and have witnessed the growth of our beautiful city. I am employed as a Department of the Army Civilian at Fort Stewart/Hunter Army Airfield as the Army Substance Abuse Program Manager/ Alcohol & Drug Control Officer (ADCO) and have been a mental health professional for over 30 years. Our two adult children are graduates of Richmond Hill high school and my wife and I co-founded an outreach ministry in the city that operated from 2005-2011. I have been married to my lovely wife Cassandra for the past 33 years. I had the great fortune of becoming an alumni of Leadership Southeast Georgia class of 2017 and Leadership Bryan class of 2016 which provided great insight regarding our local and regional outlook as well as required partnerships with our sister cities and regional partners.I previously served as a member of the Board of Directors for Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Savannah, Inc.

I look forward to serving the city of Richmond Hill and hope to secure your vote for City Council on November 5th.

#1 Name something specific in the last 12 months that you have personally done to make Richmond Hill a better place to live, work, and play?

As an alumni of Leadership Bryan, strive to enhance relationships with military neighbors and friends, which in turn will produce long lasting benefits for the citizens of Richmond Hill.

#2 If money was no object and the decision was solely up to you, what’s the first thing you would do if elected?

Ensure expeditious completion of current infrastructure projects (roads, intersections, new 1-95 interchange), fully fund the initiation of building the new high school complex, and renovate areas of the current high school.

#3 What visions do you have for Richmond Hill and how soon do you think those could become a reality?

Improve relationships with our sister cities, regional partners, and military constituents. The growth of our city requires key regional partnerships and relationships with neighboring city government officials. Improvement of these relationships can occur immediately.

#4 What can be done within city council to influence or create more family-friendly amenities?

The Richmond Hill 2018-2028 Comprehensive Plan provides strategic planning to create more and enhance current family-friendly amenities. This includes, but not limited to: parks, recreation facilities, and green space. The key is to collaborate, listen,and inform citizens, partners, and stakeholders, to ensure these community enhancements meet the needs of Richmond Hill citizens and the growing community. Richmond Hill is a very attractive city to many relocating to this area due to the beautiful area, parks, recreational facilities, great schools, and the incredible sense of community pride. The City Council has a responsibility to the citizens to ensure that these attributes not only remain, but are sustainable for years to come.

#5 What are your thoughts on growth? Do you have any related plans or goals?

Many residents have expressed a desire to bring a greater variety of food, shopping, and entertainment establishments. While, I don’t advocate over expansive growth; I do believe that we can facilitate SMART growth, with a comprehensive plan that will increase tax revenue and decrease the tax base of our citizens.

#6 Do you feel the schools are overcrowded? How do you plan on working with the Board of Education to manage this?

As Richmond Hill continues to experience growth, with new housing developments and an influx of residents, it is vital to work side by side with board of education and superintendent to appropriately plan and manage the increasing student population. If elected, I will immediately meet with the school board to ensure our city’s schools remain the best in the state and accommodate the growing student population.

#7 Do you feel that Richmond Hill should offer their own ambulance service? If no, why not? If yes, what can be done to help make this happen?

Recent needs assessments should be reviewed to determine if the addition would benefit the citizens through quicker response times during medical emergencies. Additionally, a review of agreements with Bryan County EMS and possible tax advantages or disadvantages reviewed. I am definitely an advocate for the most efficient and timely medical response services.

#8 What are your thoughts on the fact that most of the schools in Bryan County don’t have a dedicated resource officer?

Certainly in light of recent school violence acts, each school should have a dedicated resource officer. I believe that parents would support the prevention of school violence with the additional presence of a resource officer. This effort would aid our dedicated educators in the prevention of school violence and provide the students with additional safety measures, allowing them to focus on learning.

#9 What is your opinion on the Bryan County Commissioners recent LVAP funding decision?

The decision to direct 55% of the to the District Attorney’s from the agencies who provide direct assistance to victims was not in the best interest of those affected by domestic violence. As October is recognized nationally and locally as Domestic Violence Prevention Month, every effort to support these agencies and those affected by these issues should be of uttermost importance. My intent, if elected is to work with the Bryan County Commissioners to re-address and reconsider their decision.

#10 If the public has questions during this campaign, what’s the best way to contact you?

I welcome questions, concerns or comments:


Phone: (912) 572-1046


After moving to Richmond Hill, GA in the fall of 2018, Matt wanted to become immediately involved in the community. Without hesitation, he created the Richmond Hill Community Facebook group which reached 2,700 members in just 5 months. After building this community, he decided they needed an honest, reliable news source to keep them informed. Thus, Richmond Hill 411 was born!

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