Downtown Development Authority In-Progress Projects


Last updated October 10th, 2019 @ 7:36 p.m.

Richmond Hill Downtown Development Authority – According to the Richmond Hill government website, “The Richmond Hill DDA consists of seven members appointed by the Mayor and Council.  Powers of the DDA may include, but are not limited to: acquiring by purchase or lease real property and personal property in furtherance of the DDA’s purpose; financing, refinancing, and managing projects and paying the cost of any project from the proceeds of revenue bonds or notes; issuing revenue bonds or notes and using the proceeds to pay for the cost of any project authorized under the DDA laws; and applying to federal, state, or local governments for loans, grants, or other financial assistance.”

The DDA operates in an area of Richmond Hill outlined by this map:

DDA Area Map

The current members are:

Next meeting: Tuesday, November 5th, 2019 @ 9:30 a.m. at the RH/BC Chamber of Commerce Office Located at 2591 U.S. Highway 17 Suite 100 in Richmond Hill. This meeting is open to the public.

Current work plan according to the DDA Monthly Reports:

Project #1
Mural Program

The DDA would like to continue to place murals on strategic walls in city and privately held buildings in the DDA area.

A vibrant communities grant was applied for the blank electrical building in J.F. Gregory Park. Applicants are notified in October if they are selected to receive the grant.

Project #2
Crepe Myrtles on Highway 17

Currently, the majority of the medians between the Crossroads and the City limits past Exit 87 consist of mainly grass. The DDA would like to continue the crepe myrtle theme with additional plantings in these medians.

The DDA has solicited bids and design ideas from landscape contractors. The planting window would most likely not begin until early December.

Project #3
Metal Silhouettes

Public art program that would consist of metal silhouettes of chosen designs that could be placed in the landscaped areas of businesses.

The DDA is currently discussing the program, design options, and themes.

Advertisement – SE Georgia Floorcare 912-436-3622 or 912-220-1323

Project #4
Lighting of Welcome Signs

The new welcome signs were designed without lighting. The board thought it would be a nice addition to add exterior lighting to each sign.

A LED light was installed at the welcome sign on highway 17 coming from Hinesville. The light was hardwired from the electrical located at the nearby lift station. The welcome sign coming from Savannah requires GDOT approval lighting specifications were submitted for approval.

Project #5
LED Conversion of Streetlights on Highway 17.

The 78 current high-pressure sodium lights are to be changed to LEDs to provide better illumination.

The contract with Georgia Power was approved at the April 2nd Council Meeting. Approval has been received from GDOT, who is treating this change as a maintenance project. GA Power is scheduled to begin work on September 9th.

Project #6
Paint the Light Poles of Streetlights on Highway 17 Black.

The light poles on Highway 17 would be painted black to match the mast arms of the stop lights that have been painted.

This project has been approved and is scheduled to begin on September 16th.

Project #7
Additional Street Name Signs

Street name signs that match the street name signs in the wayfinding project (see notes) will be installed from the Crossroads to Exit 90.

These are currently in production. A GDOT permit is required. These will be installed by our contractor.

Here is more information on the DDA wayfinding project:

DDA Richmond Hill Signage Development Documents

Project #8
Logo Medallion Metal Banners (see notes)

New banner signs, designed to coordinate with the wayfinding project and the stylized ‘R’ Richmond Hill logo, are to be manufactured out of metal. These will be placed on light poles down the center of the medians on Highway 17.

The DDA approved the funding for 12 of these metal banners. These will be installed after the LED conversion and the lamp posts are painted black. Construction drawings were reviews and approved. Construction drawings were reviewed and approved. These are currently in production.

Here is an example of the logo medallion metal banners

Project #9
Ford Fence – White Four Rail Fencing

As a placemaking effort, the DDA would like to replicate the Ford white four rail fence (see notes) at strategic locations around commercial areas.

The DDA is requesting quotes for approximately 2,407 feet of fence around the I-95 exit 87.

Here is an example of the Ford fence:

Click here to view the full DDA report:
DDA Report – Last Updated 10-10-2019

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