Bryan County Aquatic Center Presented to Richmond Hill During City Council Meeting

Richmond Hill Aquatic Center

During the April 16, 2019 Richmond Hill City Council meeting, the Bryan County Aquatic Center was presented to the Richmond Hill City Council.

One of the presenters, Brenda Krokoski, says:

“The discussions for an Aquatics Center in RH are in the preliminary stages. We will be setting up an Aquatics Project FB page in the next couple of weeks and will let everyone know on this site when it’s open so we can share the facts and progress towards an Aquatics Center.

I’m excited to say we have had a positive response for an Aquatics center from the City of RH, Bryan 
Co commissioners, Bryan County schools and business leaders.

Your feedback in term of “wish lists” for an Aquatics Center is appreciated. Keep your positive comments coming!

Stay tuned!”

According to the presentation, our current center is far too small to adequately provide swimming related services for our area. The usage currently consists of swimming lessons for our schools, swim team practices, normal recreational swimming, and much more.

Currently, schedules are being planned out to the second in order to accommodate all of the users. Our schools are being forced to train out of county due to the current facility not being able to support the training required.

It was pointed out during the presentation that as a county being so close to the waterways, we severely lack in water safety instruction options. Richmond Hill Mayor, Russ Carpenter, stated he was certainly willing to work with the county in this regard, and Mayor Pro Tem Tara Baraniak agreed, and explained that the entire council was behind the project, and that Bryan County had already reached out to her regarding it. Tara also stated that she had contacted some pool companies already, but had not gotten any calls back, and that the next step would be to hire a consultant to look at things to give us recommendations as to what we could afford and what we needed based on potential usage.

The mayor also pointed out that while the city is on board with pursuing the project more, we must wait on the county since they are directly in charge of recreational issues such as this. Those presenting mentioned they had done some beginning research into the financials of the project, but admitted their numbers came from Charleston and Jacksonville, and they noted they knew those would be out of range for our budget.

The entire presentation used is below and we will update this story as more information is learned.

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